There was a lady who got married at the age of sixteen, she was indeed young and tender, she didn’t just got married to a man who was way older than her but also found herself among other women called wives in a polygamous home.

She gave birth to her first child at seventeen who was one of the numerous children the husband had. She was being harassed, abused and embarrassed by the other wives. This continued for some years until she eventually left the man and got married to someone else, after she made this move, she thought it would be the end of the problem and she would finally find peace, but the reverse was the case.

The new man had been married to someone else before this woman met him but he never revealed it to her, she became pregnant for this man and gave birth to a girl, it was on the day of the naming ceremony that the husband introduced the old wife to the new one who just gave birth. The younger wife became really sad and bitter that she didn’t know her husband too well to even know he has another wife.

She’s back to a polygamous home which was avoiding from the onset, but this time, the wives live in different apartment far from each other.

After a certain period of time, the man changed towards her and they began to have issues which led to serious quarrel, and whenever there is a disagreement between them, the man always want to send her packing, referring to her as irresponsible and good for nothing.

This continued to occur and they settle it between them. To cut the long story short, she had four children for the man but whenever she’s pregnant, the man wants her to abort each of the pregnancies and whenever she refuses, she got beaten and sent packing but whenever she leaves the man to stay alone, he goes back to beg the woman to forgive him and because of her soft and tender heart, she forgives and accept him back, goes to his and again they fought and split, she became seriously injured and same with the man.

After they parted ways, she became a single mother and was taking care of five children all by herself, God so good, she has a shop she sells little things where she gets money to take care of herself and the children. As she was living trying to make a ends meet, she met another man, although it her time, but eventually she fell in love again. She got pregnant for this man an eventually the man ran away, after the naming ceremony and some months later, he came back to beg and convinced her with all sort of lies, in the long run they came back together.

A year later, she became pregnant and the man ran away again (crazy you’d say). After he ran away, he never came back but he calls to know how the woman and the children are doing, and ever since, the woman became a single mother.

The woman had concluded that it was her destiny, that was how God wanted it to be.
Have you also been going through such or worst? Do you also see your problem, difficulty, disappointment, failure and setback as your destiny and concluded that it is the way God wants it? Dear friend, that’s a terrible lie from the pit of hell.

No one was born to suffer, be poor or become miserable, it’s the way you see it and deal with it. Until you are able to say capital NO to things that makes you cry, makes you feel inferior or unhappy, you can’t have a breakthrough. Don’t be deceived to agree that you have to accept whatever life throws at you, dear friend, God has given you power, will and dominion over everything on earth, therefore you have the right to choose what you want and how you want it.

Please do not give in to pressure you will regret later, stand on feet and say NO. Choose what you want, define yourself and don’t live a life of regrets. Have the right perception about your destiny.

Nothing you do not retain, will ever remain in your. You have a choice, you have the right to choose, determine, and decide the type of life you want for yourself. God did not send you here on earth to suffer or give in to pain, heartbreak, torture or maltreatment.

You were created as a woman, to enjoy, to be loved, cared for and catered for, never let anyone make you feel like you do not deserve the best, you are the best creation and you should be treated as such.

As a woman you have the right to live and to a good life, your destiny was never to suffer, your destiny is to be bright, is to be great and to be happy.

Please dear woman, lady and friend, stop the misconception about destiny, if you’ve missed it before, now is the right time to set things right. I believe in you!


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