The highly anticipated Marvel’s movie trailer is out. The movie titled, Avengers 4: End game, has finally showed a look on how it would be.

A sequel to the Avengers: Infinity wars, where Environmentalist(I believe he is), Thanos has successfully reduced the population of humans in the world by 50%, promises a lot more action.

Already revealed as Marvel’s longest movie with 3 hours, “Endgame” shows the aftermath of destruction on the world, thanks to Thanos. The trailer features members of the Avengers team that were still alive at the end of Infinity wars and some extra surprises.

In case you missed it, heroes like Spiderman, Winter soldier, Black Panther disappeared as a result of Thanos using all infinity stones. Now the few Avengers left will have to look for a way to defeat Thanos and get the world back.

In the trailer, the Avengers looked lost and devastated, particularly Tony who sends an emotional message to his love, Pepper. We can also see Captain America and Black Widow in a ship as well as Bruce Banner, Hulk looking at some pictures. Then a surprise visit from Scott Lang. You know who that is? He’s Ant Man. And if you watched ‘Ant Man and the Wasp’ you’ll know he was also trapped in a quantum zone.

Check out what he has to say to the Avengers and all other happenings in the trailer below.

OR watch a snippet right here.



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