The new MCU movie trailer is out. Check it out here


In case you didn’t know, a new superhero movie is coming through the Marvel Cinematic Universe screen next year. The name, Captain Marvel.

If you watched closely during the Avengers: Infinity wars, Marvel hinted the new movie at the end with little cameo where veteran actor, Samuel L. Jackson and a lady came out of their car amidst tragedy already caused by Thanos.

If you’ve not forgotten, the actor pressed a device which eventually displayed the movie’s title, Captain Marvel.

The complete official trailer of the movie was out a couple of days ago and the movie is due to be out in cinemas by March 8, 2018.

The movie boasts of a great cast and also promises incredible action. The character of Captain Marvel, ‘Carol Danvers’, who will be the new hero to an already filled list for MCU will be acted by beautiful actress, Brie Larson with Samuel L. Jackson acting as ‘Nick Fury’.

If you know that man well, then be sure to expect nothing less of the best. The trailer of course, starts with his voice saying, “So scrolls are the bad guys”.

The trailer is highly captivating and action packed without not forgetting to put a little suspense as to what to expect.

Wondering what her powers are? Feel free to watch and take a wild guess.

Watch here.
Captain Marvel official trailer



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