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To make things easier for us, we all set up or try to create a concept for it but along the line, things end up not going as planned. Not because it wasn’t planned well but the procedures are not distinct enough to give greater results. To avoid repeating same mistake, we must put in place some tips to beat challenges.
LACK OF PLANNING: plans are critical, in fact they are extraordinary key that gives insight to whatever idea you intend going into. The saying ‘he who fail to plan, plan to fail’ is never for once wrong. Why many fail is not even because they had no plan but because the plans are not real, imagine someone who intend riding a horse on his birthday and has never thought of taking out time to practice, not remembering the level of fright he will have to overcome. Planning is secure and it’s a step ahead of every event.
UNCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY: if you’re not taking up responsibility then you’re not far away from blame, only if you are not responsible. Many planned event lack personal responsibility (ies), if you’re not sure of your duty or not being detailed; just pause, rethink and ask why you have started. It gives a breakdown of your duty. It is not a lie that many are aware of their responsibilities but they are not cleared with what to do.
An unclear responsibility is a not-sure duty, it causes long term destruction to a particular sector. A football pitch; a player is to maintain a particular position; failure to keep to that position gives opponent entry into his zone. Being dutiful requires you to be good at your position hereby making your plans more profitable. Another quality to say is clear responsibility makes one a duplicable personnel/leader.
NO SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: the main objective of this content is to give information on challenges of implementation. Before start-up, there’s always a reason for doing it, you should be expecting or gaining something at the end. Some business minds have failed because they had plans but no objectives like; money, fame, building team or what?
To show your objective (specific one) you don’t need a BS­- and I don’t mean Bullshit but Bachelor of Science, all you need is the CS- Common Sense. Lol! Unspecified objective makes your idea not deliverable.
LACK OF TIME OR BUDGET: time management is a key factor of implementation; it has big and bigger effects on one’s idea. When your schedule contradicts each other it results to NO TIME or being too busy. There must be a proper time schedule, hereby creating to-do list, make a memo and out of no time you find excess time. Another word is BUDGET; there must be a special attributes and commitment relating to your idea so you can implement easily. Make big budgets for all idea not considering whether small or big. Set out materials; money- a big factor, also work forces and connecting hands; these are budgets that make idea explore in no time.
START-UP BUT NOT KEPT UP: ideas are strictly from inside, implementation is seen. When there’s no idea, nothing is implemented; you can start and not end. Yes of course or YES or NO?
To start up an idea is like a marathon race, thousands of mind started and few makes it to the end because it takes strength to begin and get to the finish line. For every idea you execute follow up, make or create reputations, build relationships and you’re okay with the keeping up.
During your keeping up, know your challenges; money, time, manpower, friendship and many more and not forgetting your weakness, opportunity and threat. Lastly after every day routine ask if you’re fulfilled. BIG QUESTION!
NO MEASUREMENT: count on your creativity, delivery and whatever you have missed out. Make daily, weekly, monthly or yearly analysis as wished, hire expert to analyze you. Then check all limitations and work it out.



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