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This week on fashion pick, we’ll be looking at the Tommy Hilfiger brand.

Tommy Hilfiger, which is a personal favorite for me, is an American premium clothing company, manufacturing apparel that deals in footwear, clothes, fashion accessories, and many more. They have a huge global market for men, women and kids.

There is almost nothing in the fashion industry that Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t deal in. They have T-shirts, footwears, wristwatches, jackets, and almost any other accessory you can think of. They are a brand that started a long time back and are still making waves in the fashion industry.

Before we dive in and see what they have in store, let’s get a brief info about the Tommy brand.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand was formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. The company was founded in 1985 by American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger. He was born in New York on March 24, 1951. The designer created a brand of clothing that was extremely popular with several different communities in the 1990s. Hilfiger has built his brand, using his signature red, white and blue tag which has become popular around the world.

In 1984, Hilfiger was approached by Indian entrepreneur Mohan Murjani, who was looking for a designer to head a men’s sportswear line. He designed the label under his name which then led to his immense success and fame in the fashion world.

The Tommy brand has everything from men’s wear to women’s wear and even the kid’s wear. The designer apparel is known for a lot of trendy accessories. They have classic denim jackets with also T-shirts displaying the company’s logo. They are also an expert in wristwatches, baseball caps and female accessories like bags and shoes.

For the kids, there are nice shirts and also gowns for the girls. Socks, sneakers and jeans are also available under the Hilfiger brand.
Recently, the company did a collabo with F1 star, Lewis Hamilton which featured a host of interesting designs. They also released a new sneaker in which they named “ICON 6.0”. They also have a new collection named Timmy jeans crest collection.

A perfect Tommy Hilfiger look for me would be a Tommy shirt on a denim jacket also from the brand. Jeans and a pair of the brand’s ICON 6.0.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is one that is very classy and like I said earlier, one of my personal favorites. Try out their outfits and accessories when next you shop.
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