Want to take a break from workouts? Or you're just not a fan? Check out these steps to stay fit without workouts


Staying fit is not exactly easy. You need to eat little, stay on a diet and of course, add some exercise. But again, not everybody can cope with workouts or exercises.

Don’t get this wrong, exercises are as important as anything you do to reduce weight or stay fit but you can actually achieve your goals without having to go through such rigorous activities.

I call it “Simple yet Fit”. I think that line says it all. Without activities like workouts you can actually stay fit. Now, I know all workouts are not necessarily to just stay fit; probably have a hot body, they also help with weight reduction.

Can someone also use workouts to ease stress and depression? Well, activities like this are said to have a therapeutic effect on the participants, so I might as well say Yes.

Now going to our Simple yet Fit plan, there are devised strategies that can help to reduce weight, stay fit and also achieve whatever gain you hope to get from exercising. Don’t forget, exercises are also as important but like I said, not everyone can bear the activities of a workout and perhaps some don’t even have time.

Before I go on, I’ll like to say, staying fit is an attitude. You need to be in the right mind toward it to get what you want. Having a good attitude towards your exercises or your “Simple yet Fit” plan would do a lot in helping you get what you aim at.

Here are some steps or processes that can help stay fit without exercises.

1. Drink lots of water daily.

Water no get enemy! When you pay attention closely to the song by the wonderful Fela Kuti, he states a lot of things that you can’t do without water and there’s a whole lot of it. Yeah, water can help in staying fit.

Drinking more water also helps to increase your energy levels and promotes weight loss.

2. Eat healthy food.

One major thing that must be taken into consideration when planning to reduce weight or stay fit is the ability to stay away from unhealthy food. You can’t try to reduce wight and still eat things that will only ensure that. Eat balanced diet. You can also place yourself on a diet which will help in effecting the required change in weight. Ensure your daily intake is rich in protein. They have a lot of benefits. Adding protein to your diet has been linked with weight loss.

3. Don’t be lazy!

You might not be doing exercises because you don’t have the time or you don’t just like the rigorous activities that workouts entails but Please, don’t just be lazy and not do anything. Take strolls and try walking short distances rather than take a bike or car.

Also, ensure you don’t sit on the same posture for a long time. Change your sitting from time to time and once in a while, stand or just walk around the house. These might not be real exercises but they sure can help maintain a fit body.

4. Avoid stress.

Stress might not be something that can easily be controlled but trying to avoid it will gradually do the job. Stay away from heavy works or things that can make you very tired. Try to deal with daily stresses by either confiding in someone, or having a way of managing your time while also avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

5. Take rests from time to time.

Whatever you do, you require rest. Also ensure to get maximum hours of sleep. Getting those required 8 hours of sleep is going to go a long way in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It might not always be about exercising or working out, it’s all about ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

These steps would help whether you’re working out or not. The choice is yours!

I hope you learnt something new. Have a nice day!


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