INTENTIONS “Stop sleeping on them” (Handzinspired’s tablet of wisdom)



What a thousand lots of us do is intend and stop there.
When when the problem is solved, when the problem has seized, when we are out of the red zone into the comfort zone as a result of somebody else’s uncomfort, we say, “I intended to….,” and we think it is cool. Pssh!


Wasn’t it somebody years ago that said that one action is better than a thousand intentions?

If only we would stop waiting for somebody to act only for us to give kudos to the person by saying “I intended to..”

Intentions are what thoughts are made up of, and honestly, we can’t only think our way to success. We can’t stop at thinking. Thoughts are abstract, they are like the knowledge that is wasting away without application.
Our thoughts are worth nothing if they aren’t driving us to action.

This December,
let us do more than intend, let us act.
Let us do more than think, let us work.
Let us get out of our comfort zones, Lest at the final analysis, we say “I intended to succeed…”

I am Abiola Okunsanya,
Handzinspired. 😍
Call me your *Personal Development Coach.*
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