Politicians deserve the rod but do we know the game?



Welcome to the 21st century where every Nigerian forgets the corrupt and greedy politicians were once a typical fellow who stole and mismanage a #100 note like them before he was voted in an office holder .Now its only normal to Congratulate the public because that same typical fellow has successful capitalized on the dreadful diseases{ignorance and lack of values} of every Nigerian. He now chooses to cash out the public funds for personal use, he falsely pumps up the budget that makes no impact on the public because it’s just a camouflage , he leaves the roads bad he while takes the pleasure of flying in the air, the hospitals are fast becoming advanced native medicinal homes due to the lack of equipment and this same fellow cares little because he patronizes foreign health care givers with the hard-earned money of tax payers.

The public responds to their chronic disease of ignorance by shifting all the blames on him but themselves ,they disregard the fact that they lost the atmosphere of ease by losing their personal values when they chose to trade their votes for peanuts, they accepted few currency notes to endorse politicians.This same public has forgotten her place as a platform responsible for the upbringing and furnishing of her leaders.It is safe to say the bad seeds we have planted as a society has been grown into an evil forest in the form of leaders and top office holders.This same products of our inefficiencies turn up as political aspirants who make false gestures at us in the form petty and foodstuffs while hunting for votes .
In order to shed more light on the unusual blame game we play In Nigerian politics, it is important to break down politics into two categories qualitatively and quantitatively but the same ideas.


Everyone is a Politician that practice on a smaller scale called micro-politics but a very little portion of this gigantic figure of micro politicians find their way to the very top where they display the positive and negative attitudes incurred during their micro political years .Examples of micro-political setting include our homes, classroom, a firm’s conference room.

As individuals ,we have different relationships with people in these micro settings ,These relationships employ the same dirty tactics the normal rogue politician uses in relating with the mass either in the form of or irresponsibility when a father can’t stand up for his family and this same man still blames the leaders for not taking responsibilities at the national level ,greed and dishonesty in the place of transparency when handling the little cash contributed by the class or when we act as account holders for our firms and we still have the big guts to shout at the top of our voices because “Mr Governor or minister “ carted away a huge sum of money from the state, federal account.

To cap the theory of micro politics,I”ll embrace the adage of a mentor and it goes thus
“The man who destroyed the village farms with fire started up as the boy whose mother couldn’t correct for burning yam for fun near the gun powder”


This scale of politics uses the same ideas in the micro level. However,it has a bigger setting and a larger number of individuals the politicians relates with. For example, Mr A misused his office as a class Hoc by accepting bribe from fellow classmates who sell poorly typed handouts that are them regarded to as the standards at an outrageous price on the micro level, the same Mr A becomes the our dear minister of works who has been accepting the bribes in their hundreds of millions from a road construction company using substandard materials for road construction.

Another fellow who has been adding a zero to the expenditure of a firm as the account holder scrutinizes his way into becoming the finance minister who now fancies the idea of adding numerous false zeros to the national expenditures on the macro level

Let’s sum things up and we will arrive at the fact that the mass is the root of the poor leadership we complain about. Politicians truly deserve the angry words we pour at them but much more than that is the public that deserves a hard knock on the head. How can we expect a man to lead at the top if we were once like him when we stole, misused, abused and disorganized little things while forgetting it was a process waiting to unravel itself at the bottom.

If only every Nigerian can stop being ignorant of their deeds as individuals, if only we can portray core values that can define us as leaders when we eventually ascend to the top, until then we will keep throwing stones at the man at the top..




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