Resist the urge!

As a single guy/lady, you might find yourself
confronted with these urges I want to mention.
Being born again &having the life of Christ in you
might reduce the intensity of some of these urges
in you but once in a while, like your other fellow
singles, you might find your self fighting the same
urges. You must resist any of this urges with all
your strength , with a determination and with the
power of God inside of you.

1. Resist the urge to double-date: You might be in
a relationship where it appears your partner is
not serious or really committed. There is this urge
you might feel to double-date. You may want to
have an ‘extra tyre’ relationship with the hope
that, if this one fails, you will just switch over to
the ‘extra-tyre’ lady/guy. It is a dangerous thing to
do. If your present relationship is not giving you
needed peace and bliss, wisely quit the
relationship. Get healed and move to another
one. If you chase two rats at the same time, you
might loose the two and also break your legs. If
you are not grooming yourself to have a
polygamous marriage, resist the urge to double
date. Also resist the urge to be an ‘extra tyre’ to
any guy or any lady.

2. Resist the urge to masturbate: Yes, you might at
one point or the other have the urge to touch
yourself & bring yourself to sexual climax and
orgasm. You might see it as a ‘lesser evil’
compared to going into fornication. Know this,
you cannot masturbate without being lustful.
When you masturbate, you will have to focus your
mind of one guy/lady or one sexual encounter or
film you have watched or you are watching. With
that, you are polluting your mind with lust. You
can have a successful single life without
masturbation. I am a living example. When the
urge comes on you, resist it. Channel that
strength into something that will add profit to
your destiny.

3. Resist the urge to watch pornography: There
are times you will come across some ‘soft’ porn.
Your friend might send you the link. You might
‘stumbled’ on it somewhere online & you feel like
watching it. I beg you, don’t watch it! It has
addictive power. From one link, you will move to
another link & you might spend a whole day
looking for more pornography​ to watch. If you
have pornography videos or pictures on your
phone, right now, receive the urge and the power
to delete from your phone in Jesus name. You
can’t have sharp spiritual eyes when you use your
eyes to watch those porns. Porns destroys purity.
Resist the urge to watch pornography!

4. Resist the urge to expose your breasts or your
cleverage. : As a lady, don’t follow those who say
‘if you have it, flaunt it’. There is this urge many
ladies bow to today, that urge that tells them to
‘show something’, to reveal ‘little’. Don’t let
anybody tell you that; you will get a decent man
by exposing your breasts. If that’s what brings a
good man to a woman, all the prostitutes should
be married by now. Don’t bow to that urge of
nudity. You are a princess, never step out of your
house like a prostitute. By their dressing, we can
know them. Those who are walking half naked
today started somewhere. They started by
‘showing something little’. Don’t dress as if you
are undressing. It is a way to undress your
destiny. Put sense in your dress. Guys, thou shall
not sag!!!

5.Resist the urge to send your nude to anyone! : If
you are a Christian, you know this is a line you
must never get to, not to talk of crossing it. But let
me speak as if I am speaking to both Christian
and other youths. Sending nude pictures is very
common among singles in dating and courtship
this days. No man has authority to feasts his eyes
on your nakedness when he has not marry you.
Sending nude is one dangerous thing that even
married folks dread doing. In this age where
relationships breaks easily like breakable cups,
never deceive yourself that your nude pictures
are safe with anybody. If you feel that what I am
saying is a trash, just ask yourself, if my nude
should leak out on social media, can I stand the

The danger of sending nudes is not only
in the fact that your partner can use it against you
if the relationship go sour , another fear you
should have about doing that is the fact that, a
phone that is with your partner here in Lagos now
can be in another person’s hand in Abuja in the
next 2 hours if such phone is stolen and you know
once that happens, the information on that
phone can be used to mar your life and public
image. We can say that, nothing is absolutely safe
with anybody. No matter your level of intimacy
with that guy or lady, resist the urge of sending
your nude to anybody. You are warned!

6: Resist the urge to have pre-marital sex: Yes, sex
is fun, exciting and sweet. But, it is for the married
not for singles. It is normal for you to have sexual
urge. But resist the urge to satisfy that urge
through pre-marital sex. You can’t die if you
abstain. Don’t join your spirit with someone who
is not your spouse. Fornication will bring
frustration because it is a deviation from God’s
instructions. ‘Flee fornication’! (1 Corinthians 6:

7. Resist the urge to live a purposeless life: In the
80s /90s, they will say, ‘ A fool at 40 is a fool
forever’. Now, in this 21st century, a fool at 16
years can be a fool forever. Many singles are
passing through this life like a snake on a rock, no
traces! No mark! They are passing through life like
a bird in the air; no mark! No impact.

A life without a bearing is a burden. What gives life a
bearing is purpose. Refuse that urge that wants
you to sleep, wake, eat, play and sleep. By the
time you are 25 years old, you should have
stepped your two legs in your purpose and
people should know you for one thing you are
pursuing in life.

‘The purpose of life is to have a life of purpose’. Don’t live a purposeless life. It is the mother of life frustration. You are not here in this world to be counted among the crowd. Stand up, stand out! Run back to your Maker and tell Him to show you why He He created you.



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