Simple Tips To Getting More Instagram Followers For Your Online Business


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with 800 million monthly active users. It can work miracles for your business. Instagram is a great place to showcase interesting, trending and valuable content. The platform might be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you spend some time figuring it out, you’ll love the results.These Simple steps will help you get more Instagram followers to grow your online business.

1. Choose an Informative UsernameWhen people search on Instagram, they often search by a topic they are interested in. If you write just your brand or store name in “Name” field, the target audience is less likely to find you except your brand is already famous. The name should include 2-3 keywords that describe what you sell on Instagram. Use the language your audience speaks.orFor example, someone looking to find a Customised T-shirt might type in “T-shirt” or “shirts.” The more you can squeeze T-shirt into your username, the easier it will be for people to find you.Your Instagram bio is also just as important as your username. Use the optimal 150 characters in your profile header to your advantage. Explain who you are, what you offer, and why people should follow you.

2. Add #Hashtags to Every PostHashtags are simple and free, but still very useful if you want to make money on Instagram. They work in two ways:To get more followers who search by hashtagsTo keep yourself informed of what competitors are doing and events you may want to attend.You can add up to 30 hashtags to an Instagram post. Ten is the recommended number for one post, and tags should always be relevant. Instagram bans those who frequently use inappropriate hashtags.Think about which hashtags might attract your audience and follow them.Follow the hashtags that can inspire you. If you sell teen clothes, #youth can give you a content idea or two that you can post in your profile. Check out your business rivals’ hashtags too!

3. Get Published in CommunitiesLook for Instagram accounts with the similar theme as yours and follow them. To find those profiles, search for relevant keywords. Check out the posts and look for the community accounts.Admins often ask to use their hashtag so that they can repost the best photos and credit the author. You can also tag them in your Instagram posts.The further success depends on whether their followers like your post and their willingness to follow you.Remember that your post should be interesting for them and correspond to their theme. Also make contacts with useful community accounts, comment and like interesting posts.

4. Tag Popular BrandsTag famous places, businesses, or shops in your pictures. It is an easy way of attracting someone who follows the brands you tag. They will see your post when they check the page they visit, and might get interested. Tag brands just like you tag people

5. Start an Instagram ChallengeA challenge is an interesting way to stir up, intrigue and attract a new audience — and you don’t have to spend money on it. Come up with an original idea that’s close to your account theme and announce a challenge.

6. Comment on Popular Instagram AccountsCheck out comments on the pages of popular companies, brands, celebrities, or trendy vacation destinations. It is the perfect place to chat with other influencers about their products, and about how you can work together. Choose the corresponding brands and join the conversations on their pages.

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