What Your Family Background Says About You


Your family is either rich or poor but your family status shouldn’t dictates and determine your future or how successful you will be.

Family is a group of people who are connected by blood, related and lives together. Everyone of us has a family, whether you are being born into the family or being adopted as a child.

Because regardless of how rich or poor your family may be, you must strive to become successful on your own. Success cannot be bought, even the rich students must work hard to achieve success.
What brings the rich and the poor together and makes them equal is education.

Both rich and poor want to be successful. But what makes the difference is the resources and information they get. When in need of resources, the rich students are able to get it at the needed and appropriate time but it is not so for the poor because they don’t have money to get it.

Same with information, the rich students get more informed than the poor students. The rich students have the facilities to aid their research, therefore they are current by keeping themselves up to date but the poor are not informed and updated on current events, until they are becoming irrelevant.


* Beware of Pride – Humility plays a vital role in the life of every individual, humility is when you respect others and see them as equal to you even when you are above them. Humility is when people annoy, frustrate and offend you but willing to forgive and forget about it without expecting them to say sorry.

Because telling you they are sorry won’t make you more richer, won’t make you more successful, won’t make you more intelligent, won’t make you more beautiful nor handsome, so what is the need?

Remember you have a reward for all your actions and deeds, God will be willing to forgive you when you forgive others. Learn to also ask for forgiveness when you offend or wrong anyone. “God bring down the arrogant people but raise the humble people”

* Be ready to compliment – When you tell people you are sorry, you are far away from sore. When you learn to say thank you even for the most little and insignificant things, you may not know the gravity of the word, how it has touched the person’s heart but trust me, it sure goes a long way.

* Value every information, make the most of it, turn it to your advantage and be successful through it.

* Take your studies more seriously than anything, regardless of your riches. Even your parents worked hard to become successful, lay a good foundation for your children by becoming successful too.

* Do not oppress the poor and needy students in your school and community. Always be willing to help others in need, remember there is love in sharing. You can help others by giving out your old textbooks, old pair of shoes, old uniform if you have two or more.

* Show that you care, treat others like your family. When you see people being abused, harassed or humiliated, stand up for them, defend them, love them and show them all the time that you care.

* Share your experience, ideas and information with others. Many people do not have the privilege you have, therefore be good to them and let them know what you know. Don’t forget that when you teach others, you get to learn too.



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