What’s your problem?

Often times different people have alot to say when it comes to different problems they encounter, but here we are not asking about your personal challenges.
This write up is meant to help you identify some of the attitudes we have that may have or may put us into troubles.

So, when you read with understanding, you will learn alot from this…

What’s your problem, yes you what’s your problem, you’re still pointing finger saying at yourself as if you don’t know its you am referring to, yes you mister, woman, what’s your problem?

Must you show off, are you the first person to buy a car, to build a house, to live a good life, to be beautiful or handsome, to have a good result, must you show off, uhn?

Have you forgotten that your entirety and who you are, is all because of the mercy of God upon your life? There is enough stress already in the world and people are dying everywhere, stop using the social media to cause more hypertension to people in a bid to SHOW OFF your success, better still flaunt your success.

The reason why you want a car, or a house of your own, or a beautiful wife or girlfriend or a handsome man, or rather a man with six packs and six cars parked, is all just because you want to show off to the next neighbour that you are better than her, when will we stop all this nonsense, and when will this rat race end?

Let me tell you true influence doesn’t come from material possesions, it solely comes from the amount of impact you have made on lives and nations, not on the type of exorbitant phone you just bought, or because of the car you just bought.
Did God make a mistake to give you money enough to live a good life and perhaps fend for someone else?

Can’t you be rich and keep quiet
Can’t you flow under the anointing and keep shut
All because you were able to pray for someone that had head ache and became fine, you are already feeling fly. What’s your problem?

Do you think Jesus died so you can cast out only head ache and show off? while your mates are pushing buttons in the spirit you are here feeling big because you preached and someone applauded God in your life, must you show off?

Wait chill, 65% of your problems are actually the results of your running mouth. The last girl/guy who walked out on you want because you weren’t handsome or beautiful, that job you lost wasn’t because you were necessarily incompetent, and the last opportunity that slid by wasn’t because you weren’t conscious of it, all this befell you because you opened a hole and kept letting out venoms.

Learn to keep your mouth shut, it will save your life and your goals, yes learn it, because the human tongue never wants to shut up, she wants to say everything that comes to her mind, she wants to start a conversation on every topic she hears.
Shut your mouth, you will amount to being more than someone when you shut your mouth.
Stop blaming the people in your village when you tarred the road for them to get to you. So as you enter the new week, the new month, the new year, one of your resolutions should be to learn how to keep your mouth shut.
After thanking your God for a new day, a new week, a new month,a new year, oga the next thing is to shut up.
Life isn’t all about opening the hole on your face called mouth all the time. It’s actually more about listening with the two side mirrors God gave you called ears, and the only way you listen is by keeping your mouth shut.


I know I have touched the tails of people and some may see me as wrong, but I better be an enemy that wants your good.
All these egoism we flaunt, because of the little success we achieve…pays no good at all.



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